Ambulance Vehicles

The mission changes - so does BOXER

Protected medical support on today’s battlefields gains importance as the special status of ambulance vehicles is no longer taken for granted. Ambulance vehicles have therefore to be protected to the same standard as combat vehicles and have to provide the same mobility to be able to follow them in high threat areas and to safeguard the casualties and crew. In a first batch the German Army ordered 72 and the Dutch Army 58 BOXER vehicles in different Ambulance variants.

The BOXER Ambulance vehicles are designed with a higher roof of the mission module and thereby provide

  • 17.5 m³ protected volume
  • floor-to-roof height of 1.85 m

In different layouts for the German and Dutch Armies the Ambulance vehicles are protected against the same threats as all other variants and provide the same level of safety. Therefore the BOXER ambulance is currently one of the best protected wheeled ambulance vehicles available.

For the interior layout, several designs are possible. The Ambulance variants provide a wide range of flexibility regarding the number of casualties and their level of injury.

  • 7 seated casualties or
  • 3 stretcher casualties or
  • 2 stretcher + 3 seated casualties or
  • 1 stretcher casualty accessible from both sides and above

A variant focusing on transport of wounded and a variant for transport and treatment of wounded is available.



Key features
Maximum speed 103 km/h
Minimum speed 3 km/h
Engine capacity (ISO) 530 kW (720 hp)
Range 1,050 Km
Max. straight gradient 60%
Max. slope gradient 30%
Trench crossing 2.0 m
Step climbing ability 0.8 m
Turning circle (skid steering) 15 m
Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (hull roof) 2.72 m
Ground clearance 0.50 m
Track 2.58 m
Protected volume 17.5 m³
High roof (2.72 m), floor-to-roof height 1.85 m
Crew: 3 (1 driver, 1 commander/doctor, 1 medical assistant)
7 seated casualties or 3 stretcher casualties or 2 stretcher and 3 seated casualties or 1 stretcher casualty for intensive treatment
Air Condition and NBC-protection systems
Fire extinguishing system (engine compartment)
Exemplary Options
Navigation system
Smoke-grenade launching system
Rear view camera
Fire extinguishing system (Mission Module)
Different protection kits
Additional optronic sight system for command- er to allow high hygiene standards onboard

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